About SURF

Welcome to SURF– Service Unity Recovery Foundation

We Need You!!

It is our deepest wish to build ‘Frank’s House’; a gathering place for people in recovery, their families, and our community. A safe, social environment, offering a variety of 12 Step Meetings and support for families, to include:

Meeting rooms for the community such as non-alcohol weddings, graduation parties, family gatherings; social dinners, etc.
A concession stand to serve the social aspect of the club, where those in recovery can meet and have fun.
A computer room for vocational training and employment assistance.
Space for certified addiction counselors.

We need volunteers to raise awareness of our mission. We need volunteers to spread the word of our vision. We need volunteers to assist us in raising the money necessary to turn this dream into a reality. Join us, by donating your time, your resources, or by donating money to our foundation.

Addiction is destroying our youth and our community. We must unite as a community to fight this devastating disease.

Our vision is to increase the awareness necessary to facilitate the first step to change- change in the way this disease is viewed; change in the way it is identified and prevented; and change in the way people who have this disease are viewed by society.

The Service Unity Recovery Foundation is an incorporated Limited Liability Company in North Carolina with complete 501c3 status with the Federal Government.